Sunshine & Eyelet


Happy Tuesday! A little collection of pictures from this weekends adventures which included antique marketing, a discovery of how truly awkward it is to take pictures in public when you’re already a significantly awkward person, eating sweets until you get that too close for comfort heart palpitation, and knick knacks.

     IMG_3007   IMG_3036   IMG_2712

Dress: Gap, Sweater: Wilfred, Shoes: Converse, Watch: Kate Spade, Bracelet: Tiffany & Co.



 Wall Art & Cards: Anthropologie, Glassware: The Drake General Store

About Me

Hey there! I am a currently a third year university student navigating the world of internships, unemployment and a love for fashion. I most likely dress like your Southern grandma 90% of the time and I am completely okay with that- I have a love for bows, polka dots stripes and nautical prints which is correlated directly to my enthusiasm for anything JCrew, Kate Spade and Club Monaco. My theory is, if you’re not dressed in an adorable outfit fetching coffee- then you’re just fetching coffee.

A Weekend in Photos

This past weekend marked what felt like the first few days of summer, and for me this meant days spent perusing flower markets, breaking out my assortment of summer (and decidedly granny looking) sundresses, exploring my favourite cafes, poolside reading and every ounce of ice-cream I could get my hands on….

                     IMG_2816 IMG_2819


               IMG_2817   IMG_2858